QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0 Serial Number Full [2017] Download Free

QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0 Serial Number Full for Windows!

QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0 Full Version 2017 Crack MSMQ Monitoring Tool. This unique monitoring tool that automatically process of messages and SQL server and FTP integration as well. QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0  is a full-included MSMQ observing and preparing application that can watch out for the message lining and execute errands, telling you about blockages or settling issues itself.


While the Job Server highlight of vault is valuable for foundation preparing, it frequently requires that the Job Queue be kept an eye all the time to audit the present status of employments. Wouldn’t it be much less demanding and helpful to get a status report? Using our Job Queue Monitor, an email is sent to assigned beneficiaries at whatever time interim is generally advantageous. Easy to convey and design, executives of the Job Queue will love our Job Queue Monitor utility!


QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0 Full Version Crack is fundamentally the same as that of the Standard release, containing all the lined assignments and operations into an organized way, empowering you to see their status and creation date, sort and the date and time they are booked for. It can be utilized for recognizing poison messages that square the line, informing the executive and taking out the blockage. Besides, it empowers you to perform line reinforcements (additionally supporting SQL server and FTP associations with a specific end goal to forward message substance) and watches out for the line estimate and the MSMQ server, ensuring that every one of the administrations are up and running.


QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0 Serial Key assumes control over all the support and checking assignments that a chairman needs to do, computerizing routine operations to spare time and telling the client about conveyance disappointments or other comparative occasions.

QueueMonitor Professional 1.6.0  Serial Key Highlights

Observing MSMQ:

==>   Identify and handle harm messages

==>   Observing MSMQ benefit

==>   Dead letter line observing

==>   Active lines observing

==>   Observing line sizes

==>   Observing diary sizes

==>   Numerous observing operators

==>   Trump card lines

Programmed preparing (QueueMonitor Professional):

==>   Prepare messages

==>   Prepare records

==>   XML, XSLT and XPath

==>   On the off chance that/Else preparing

Coordination (QueueMonitor Professional):

==>   SQL Server

==>   FTP

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